Tweens! Materialistic or Misunderstood? Don’t Give Them a Bad Rap…


Earlier in 2009, Adecco Singapore conducted a children’s survey which revealed career preferences & expectations of Singapore’s Workforce of Tomorrow

The survey, revealed that 88% of Singapore’s workforce of tomorrow believe that it is more important to spend time with family than to make a large salary and lots of money, thus making family a priority over salary when considering worklife balance. An interesting finding when more children are seeing their parents working longer hours than they may have done in previous years.

The survey asked 60 children in Singapore, aged from 7 to 14, about their career and salary expectations. The most popular career choices are for becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher or joining the Singapore Police Force. One child that wants to become a Doctor, so that he can ‘help treat people’ expects to receive a monthly salary of S$200. However, these worthy career choices compete with a wide array of other interesting possibilities, such as Violin Teacher, Forensic Scientist, Game Designer or a ‘person that grooms pets’.

One child surveyed is hoping to earn S$24,000,000 per annum as a Rugby Player, whilst another wants to become a ‘Food Taster’ as they ‘love to eat’ and hope to get paid $2000 a month for doing so. Another hopes to develop a career as a ‘Pathologist’ as they have always ‘been interested in dinosaurs’ and plans to earn enough to ‘buy computer games’.

Many children intend to go after the coolest job they can imagine, whilst others think the coolest jobs in the world, although not right for them, include being a Road Sweeper, Subway Sandwich Artist, Commando, Magician or a ‘job that you don’t need to train at and can just be yourself’. One young child thinks that being the ‘Boss Of Computers Like Bill Gates’ is the best job going.

This was a great survey to be part of. Watch this short clip here which features some of the survey highlights and demonstrates that there are some great, big hearted and mature kids out there.


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